FUTURE PERFECT: Identity Function

Nobody Wants To Die In A Shopping Mall

Still poking through the heart of Calvert City's now dead financial district as they look for hidden transmitter/receiver arrays, the player characters find robots waiting to ambush them.

Reeva, Otto, Pilgrim and Gabriel make their way to the Mallplex and again gain entry with the assistance of Control. Shaun thinks he knows the location of each device and begins to direct Reeva using the sensors to locate the pings. The first location he figures is a communications store where they sell personal communicators and long range communication devices.

Reeva searches the first location and discovers that in fact the transmitter is next door in the ventilation shafts of a lingerie store. Reeva and Gabriel try to get at the transmitter and end up breaking it. Reeva feels that if he and Gabriel can’t be more careful then this may result in a total bust. Gabriel takes his leave as he is recalled to Nexus gate with Doctor J. Shaun asks Control if it can release two security guards and transport to assist his team in locating the pings.

A small hover transport and two android guards show up to help them to the next location that Shaun and Reeva agree must be an arcade. During their short ride, Shaun asks what guards showed up and Reeva tells him that androids had shown up. Shaun, noting the ambush, explains that Control sent two biological guards, Basher and Little Jim a pair of mutants.

Reeva draws a carbine and Shaun warns Otto. Otto also prepares to attack and both he and Reeva dispatch the androids, Reeva using the butt of his carbine to knock the guard over the side and Otto picking his up and throwing it to the side. All the while Pilgrim notes the androids had the transport on a suicide course heading towards the railing that surrounds the center of the Mallplex, which plummets dozens of stories down.

Pilgrim, having lightning fast reflexes and near mastery of vehicles, takes control of the transport before it goes over the edge. He hits the rail, slides along it’s edge, kicks the back end around and does everything he can to stop the momentum of the hovercraft as it begins to spin out of control. As the group on the wild craft heads towards the wall, they see that nearly a dozen combat robots are waiting to attack them, should they survive the crash that was to occur.

Pilgrim is warned and he attempts to use the craft as a weapon, to smash into the robots, but their combined mass, stops his attempt and they begin to latch on and try to board. Reeva and Otto are trying their best to fend off the boarding attempt but the end result is not much to speak of. Two or three robots are left sputtering on the ground and the hovercraft is sent sprawling and crashes bottom up when one of the Robots fires at the hovercraft propulsion system. The lot of them manage to avoid being trapped underneath the craft with a little advance warning from Shaun to tuck and roll.

Basher and Little Jim arrive to assist as the situation reaches it’s most dangerous. The group is pinned down behind their fallen craft and are taking cover. The combat robots are splitting up and attempting to flank them. The two androids that initiated the ambush regain their composure and begin taking shots from a longer distance side position, forcing the hunkered down group to do little more than cower so as not to be shot.

Otto takes this opportunity to slink away into a sporting goods store that is adjacent to the arcade Reeva and Shaun insisted the transmitter was in. He ignores the panicked screams of his companions and no longer replies to Shaun on his communicator. Otto has gone silent and is stalking through the sporting goods store, searching for additional threats and the goal at hand.

Meanwhile Shaun requests more backup from Control who releases three more guards. One hulking brute in the full grips of psychosis from too much body augmentation, one more mutant with a blaster staff and a burly man with salvaged armor and a large old-fashioned sling that fires fist sized ball bearings.

The robots have advanced and suffered little for their trouble as the team behind the craft can’t mount much of an offense. Little Jim is prone, taking distant shots at the androids, with some luck he manages to take one out. Basher rounds the corner when the robots get close and with support fire from Reeva and Pilgrim, he manages to drop on of the robots before taking wounds and falling unconscious.

The robots that flanked the other side, leap on top of the craft. The craft topples down, eliminating the cover of the group and trapping Reeva underneath. Pilgrim and Little Jim face off against five robots and end up worse for wear. Pilgrim targets the sensor arrays of the robots, leaving one or two dazzled, while he guns one down, taking several minor wounds in the meanwhile. Little Jim sends one Robot sputtering before getting hit and falling unconscious. Reeva on the other hand, finds that underneath the hovercraft, he can still shoot out the legs of the robots and disables the one of the dazed ones and the one who shot Little Jim.

Shaun has a brief premonition and warns Pilgrim that the final robot can still sense him despite it’s fried sensor array. Pilgrim barely avoids being shot fatally and is locked in combat for his life, for the second time in three days. Shaun continues to coach Pilgrim through his harrowing situation and he ducks and dodges shot after shot, until reinforcements arrive.

The three guards sent as backup, begin to take action. The mutant with the blaster staff and the burly man with the sling take shots at some of the remaining robots, and don’t accomplish much. Reeva begins to note that the robots must have some sort of dampening system that helps them deal with the shots from blaster weapons. The large man full of cyberware, calling himself Cyberjack, rushes the robots head on. Several blaster shots bounce harmlessly off his armored skin and he pushes one over the railing. Continuing his momentum he charges the remaining android. The burly man with the sling, runs to catch up and takes a shot to the face for his trouble, as the android that Cyberjack is now throwing over the railing takes it’s last shot. Cyberjack continues his haphazard and relentless onslaught on the robots, ignoring all sense of safety for himself. In short order he has either thrown the robots off the ledge or bashed them to pieces with his bare hands. Reeva concludes that indeed they had some sort of dampening field, as they didn’t last long against Cyberjacks armored fists.

Otto scours the sporting goods store and locates an employees only back office. The office contains a desk that has been blasted apart and a corpse of a woman in the act of shooting up intravenous drugs. Otto notes that this looks like Gabriel’s work and climbs the ruined desk to open up the ceiling tiles to find the transmitter. He calls over to Reeva and Pilgrim and asks if they are done wasting time, because he had found the transmitter. He also says that it appears as if Gabriel had been the one to plant the transmitters, that’s why he and Shaun never know exactly where the transmitters are, just the whereabouts.

Reeva goes to assist Otto and Pilgrim begins to tend to the wounded with his medkit. Basher and Little Jim will be just fine, but The Burly man who was shot in the face, is gone for good.

Reeva traces the signal and finds that it appears to be mostly self contained within the Mallplex, though it may be receiving a signal by remote from outside. Shaun suggests Reeva hook his helmet display up to the transmitter so that Shaun can remotely hack the signal. As soon as Reeva hooks up the helmet display the signal goes from No, No, No, to YES, YES, YES. And several pulses of power hit the helmet and overload it’s systems, rendering it useless. This confirms that whatever the signal is, it is hostile and harmful.

Shaun tracks the last signal to a cinema in the Mallplex and the dozen or so biological guards that Control has are sent to secure the area. Reeva and team head to the sub-basement where Shaun uses the makeshift rig parts he has to fix Reeva’s helmet, so that he can sense the transmitter.

Control offers to use it’s corrosive gas to eliminate the robots in the Mallplex. Shaun and Reeva accept, pulling the biological guards back and sealing the cinema, and leaving the robots to their doom. Reeva and Otto note that the robots are the same as the ones that were on the catwalks on the roof and in the underground bunker. Reeva also informs Shaun that he may have let slip that Sentinel is active and that someone who claims to have worked with him in the past and seems to know him, thanked him for the information. Shaun is not pleased but there is not much he can do about it now.

With all the transmitters located and some of their suspicious about the system confirmed, Hatch recalls the lot of everyone to his base of operations, a large ship sitting in orbit above Rakkhan Prime.



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