Gene Templates

HUMANS: Humans possess the pure, or mostly pure, human genome that does not carry the recessive gene for unstable mutation. This classification accounts for a limited amount of genetic drift caused by both inherited and external factors.

  • Humans have no inherent Attribute or trait modifications, but due to their overall adaptability, gain a free starting Edge. They still must meet the requirements of this Edge in order to take it.

AUGMENTS: Augments are humans who have otherwise normal genetics that are intentionally altered in the womb or after birth, by external agents. They are modified most often either to correct some sort of genetic defect or to elicit a measure of superiority by enhancing and augmenting certain natural traits. In this way, Augments are very similar to other individuals who seek bioaugmentation later in life. However, where they differ is on the matter of the body and minds willingness to accept changes to the way they naturally are wired – they are natural cyborgs and biomods.

Socially, Augments usually are considered to be of pure Human strain. However, there is an increased likelihood for passing instability in the human genome through the children of Augments. Thus, some cultures limit the rights of Augments to breed.

  • Augment characters begin play with a d6 in one single Attribute, with the exception of Spirit.
  • Furthermore, Augment characters begin play with the Bioattunement Edge.
  • However, Augments tend to rely heavily upon their enhancements and gain one less Benny than normal.
  • Beginning Augment characters have the option to take an additional point of biomodifications in return for taking an appropriate, additional minor hindrance (generally something psychological or behavioral in nature).

MUTATES: Mutate is a name given to those individuals born carrying stable, and sometimes forced, mutations of the human genome that all share common traits within a particular strain of speciation. Such mutations require no adjustments from outside agents after fertilization; forced mutations usually are triggered in vitro – a common enough occurrence, especially in the eliciting of certain, specialized Mutate strains – with the controlled environment offering the best means of monitoring and tracking the progression of the controlled mutation.

Mutates begin play by selecting the appropriate Mutate Package, generally based around specific environments or activities. Mutates are designed to be specialists at a more narrow range of tasks than pure Humans, and subsequently, the Mutate Packages contain both good and bad elements.

The Packages themselves are listed below:

MUTANTS Mutants carry unstable mutations of the baseline human genome that have manifested as dominant genes. The nature of the mutation(s) varies, and may be caused by heredity, external factors, or a combination thereof. The term mutant is kind of a catch-all referring to individuals with either extreme mutations from human baseline, or instability in their own genetic coding that is likely to be passed on to subsequent generations. The status of mutants varies from locale to locale; from having few to no rights in the Regency or Kokoran Union, to being tolerated and treated roughly equal among the Coalition states, to being a part of everyday life in many regions of the Freespace. Indeed, many Mutants display no outward signs of mutation, requiring a complete genetic scan to be noticeable, and thus do their best to integrate themselves into the dominant culture. Whereas other people manifest obvious physical evidence of their genetic deviance, many of whom band together in communities for mutual protection and survival. Such mutant enclaves abound within both the Freespace and the Frontier.

  • Mutant characters have no starting Attribute modifications.
  • They begin play with two points of Mutations determined during character creation. Such Mutants are considered stable, in that whatever agent caused their mutation seems to be absent, or at least dormant.
  • Mutants tend to be regarded poorly in some places, so they may be subject to social penalties, ostracism, or even persecution.

In cases where a mutation remains a constant, there are those Mutants who may become further mutated over time. Such characters are required to take the edges Arcane Background: Mutation! and Continuing Mutations!

Gene Templates

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