The newest expanses of uncharted space the exists around and between three Gateways. Though the distance is vast between Gates, they are all reachable from one another in less than a single month of H-Space travel — making them much more accessible than the pockets of Faction Space.

Frontier space is highly contested between the Factions, and often sees many open battlegrounds between them. Assorted colonies often change hands frequently as one battle is won and another lost. Colonial life is made all the more difficult due to the political uncertainties that are often rained down upon their heads.

After the first year or so, the average colonial cares only for survival. Whether or not they are tied to the Alliance, the Regency, or even to some unaligned warlord matters a whole lot less than whether or not they will be able to survive on what few water rations they have remaining. One finds a starkly pragmatic viewpoint common among the colonials, one which transcends any political ideology.

Perhaps most interesting about the Frontier is the sheer number of inhabitable worlds (both directly and through terraforming). There are at least as many habitable planets in the Frontier as their are in the whole of Faction Space combined.


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