The Factions are those political powers active in not only the maintenance and acquisition of territory and influence, but of planetary governance as well. Each of the Factions maintains control over one or more hospitable, colonized planets, and each of them has made some effort to expand their influence and control out into the assorted developing worlds and colonies in the Frontier.

There are five major Factions in the Future Perfect setting, and they dwell in what is commonly termed as “Faction Space”. This is not a purely astrographic distinction; it represents not only the physical worlds and star systems under their control, but those colonies and communities that identify themselves culturally and economically with one of those ruling Sovereignties. All of the Factions except for the Kokoran Union are linked in some manner through some common history and culture. Indeed, they were born directly from the New Terran Imperium and are known together as the Imperial Factions. Kokora is slightly different from the others in that it represents a society of humans distinct from Imperial history and culture that has entered into the political sphere of the Factions only quite recently.

Faction Space is so differentiated from the Freespace and the Frontier, each of which has it’s own peculiarities.

The Factions:


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