Emissary Secure Transport Frigate

FP_EmissaryA newer starship design, the Alliance’s Emissary-class Secure Transport Frigate is intended for long range, safe transport. A military vessel, most Emissary class ships have found use in the transit of military criminals or in the delivery of important officials into a hot zone. Like others in the Alliances newest crop of star ships, the Emissary sports an advanced AI system capable of running nearly all aspects of the ship at once, if necessary.

Emissary Class Long-Range Secure Transport Frigate

Manufacture: Alliance
Size: Large, Heavy
Power: 56
Acc: 90 Top: 540 Handling: -1
FTL: Gate Key, Alliance H-Space Drive
Crew: 20 Hull: 40 (28) (Armor 28)

Ship Systems:
  • Advanced Computer System (d8 AI; 6 Spaces); (Automated Functions: Piloting, Gunnery, Security, Investigation, Hacking, Medical, Repair, KS: Astrogation), Accessories (Any reasonable accessories).
  • Starship
  • Atmospheric
  • Troopers (20 Marines) [2 Spaces; 2 Power]
  • Security Cells (12 High Sec Cells) [4 Spaces; 4 Power]
  • Medical Bay [1 Spaces, 1 Power]
  • Exterior Docking Clamps (2) (1 Space; 1 Power; Small or Medium Only)
  • Gateway Key (2 Power)
  • Alliance H-Space Drive (2 Space; 9 Power)
  • Alliance Sensor Suite (+2 Notice)
  • Enhanced Crew/Marine Quarters (Factored into LS Cost)
  • (3) Twilight Gunworks Heavy Double Beam Cannon Arrays [3 Spaces, 5 Power, each]: 125/250/500, 5d12 AP10
  • (1) AMCM System

Emissary Secure Transport Frigate

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