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  • Gateways

    Gateways are relics of an ancient civilization, usuable by manipulating subspace to create controlled, stable wormholes between points. They allow _vast_ distances in space to be crossed. For example, some of the systems linked are not even in the same …

  • FTL Travel

    [FTL INTRO - TO BE WRITTEN] * [[Gateways]] * [[Hyperspace]] FTL TECHNOLOGIES: * [[Gate Beacon]] * [[Gate Key]] * [[HyperSpace Drive]] - aka Hyperdrive, H-Space Drive, etc. * [[HyperSpace Lock]]

  • HyperSpace Lock

    A HyperSpace Lock allows a vessel to traverse H-Space in tow to another vehicle possessing either an active H-Space Drive or another H-Space Lock which is itself locked to a ship with an active H-Space Drive. HyperSpace Locks extend the originating H- …

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