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  • The Coalition of Autonomous States

    *Common Name*: The Coalition
    *Age*: Approximately 250 Years
    *Government*: Constitutional Oligarchy ([[Coalition Central Authority]]), with semi-autonomous regional governments ([[ProVee]])
    *Military*: [[Coalition Defense Force]], …

  • ProVee

    * Provisional Government put in place by the [[Coalition]] Parliament when the central authority proved insufficient to manage domestic affairs. * ProVees manage regions of the Coalition planets ranging from very small areas to nearly whole continents. …

  • Coalition Starships

    Coalition starships are built upon the original principle set forth by the venerable Imperial designs - structural integrity is the foundation for any useful vessel. The Coalition has taken it a step further, with stronger hulls, armor, and a general …

  • Blitz Star Fighter

    !(media-item-align-right)http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/11442/FP_Blitz.jpg(Blitz)! _The Blitz is the most common Coalition star fighters encountered - It's excellent defense and potent Cannon Array makes it a strong contender among light fighter …

  • Equalizer Heavy Fighter

    !(media-item-align-right)http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/11443/FP_Equalizer.jpg(Equalizer)! _This ship is the Coalition heavy hitter that first lead to the common adage: "Coalition ships leave the fighting to the Fighters." Like most smaller …

  • Viking Gunship

    !(media-item-align-right)http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/11444/FP_Viking.jpg(Viking Gunship)! _The Coalition's light Gunship packs weapons befitting a vessel far larger than itself. It is small enough that some individuals consider the Viking to …

  • Desperado Cruiser

    !(media-item-align-right)http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/11445/FP_Desperado.jpg(Desperado Cruiser)! _Almost identical to the old Imperial R-31 Escort Cruisers, the Desperado is an update to that venerable design. It added a third, independent Beam …

  • Rakhan Prime

    * Major Planet among the Coalition Worlds * Northern Hemisphere contains two major Megacities with Star ports - Hightower and New Starlight. * [[Securitech]] Corporation has been granted [[ProVee]] status over much of the Northern Hemisphere of Rahkan …

  • Harcourt and Loughlund

    * A Data Security company specializing in the secure transport of physical information. * Formerly based off of Rakhan Prime, they held ProVee status in one of the more important Southern Territories. * However, they lost ProVee status after being …

  • Aurora Confederation

    A group of affiliated interests from Rakhan Prime, mostly businesses and trade services, that has gained ProVee status in the Geochiral Hills region of the planet's southern continent. Was one of the three major Rakhan Prime ProVee's that has requested …

  • Coalition Central Authority

    CCA (Coalition Central Authority)
    What passes as a central government for the Coalition, the CCA has passed most of its domestic governance concerns over to regional governors called ProVees, or Provisional Govenernments. Doing so has allowed the …

  • Coalition Defense Force

    CDF (Coalition Defence Forces)
    After the segmentation of regional governments into the ProVee system, the CCA streamlined its Military into the CDF. Focused on system security and defense, the CDF is a constantly mobilized force that sees constant …

  • CDF Fleet Group

    CDF - Fleet Group Ranks:
    Trainee | Recruit
    ER-1 | Apprentice
    ER-2 | Crewman
    ER-3 | Crewman 1st Class
    ER-4 | Shipman
    ER-5 | Shipman 1st Class
    ER-6 | Specialist
    Er-7 | Fleet …

  • CDF Assault Group

    CDF - Assault Group Ranks:
    Trainee | Recruit
    ER-1 | Private
    ER-2 | Soldier/Trooper
    ER-3 | Trooper 1st Class
    ER-4 | Lance Corporal
    ER-5 | Corporal
    ER-6 | Sergeant
    Er-7 | …

  • CDF Security Group

    CDF - Security Group Ranks:
    Trainee | Trainee
    ER-1 | Private
    ER-2 | Trooper
    ER-3 | Senior Trooper
    ER-4 | Corporal
    ER-5 | Staff Corporal
    ER-6 | Sergeant
    ER-7 | Staff Sergeant …

  • CDF Command

    CDF Command collectively oversees the three CDF Groups and works with the highest ranking Flag Officers of those groups. CDF Command generally pulls officers from their task groups into alternate career progressions, or promotes "retired" flag officers …

  • Jorge Arroyo

    * Renown as an expert in the history of modern warfare, especially starships and stellar fleet actions. Professor Jorge Arroya was, until recently, the Chair of the History Department of the Coalition Academy of Arts and Sciences. Renown as one of the …

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