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The Space Gun!
Gabriel fires the SPACE GUN!

Ok… Gabrielfires the Space Gun while Ryanpilots the stripped out Ogre-class freightrunner. They find not one but several Regency fighters (Mongoose class) running ferry between the gas giant and some kind of subterranean base on the far side of Gryff’s Moon.

They notify Gryff and update him about what they have found. Shaun establishes an open channel that streams their sensor data right to the Warlord. Once the first Mongoose fighter is destroyed (and Gryff has deployed light tac-nukes against the base), he sends up additional support in the form of three old ASP fighters.

The remaining Regency ships activate a distress beacon along normal Regency frequencies — it appears they may be who they appear. But what the hell is the Regency doing out here in the Wildlands of the Freespace?

Ryan is definitely keeping the upper hand in the dogfight against the lighter fightercraft until a Regency Command Carrier and a full compliment of fighters and gunships arrive in response to the distress call. They fast and sudden arrival was indicative of a short H-Space jump. The Regency sends a “Request” for the local forces to stand down while the Regency finishes their recovery operation. A frieghter being used as a tug, is pulling out an ancient relic of some kind – several hundred feet long and about forty feet wide, it resembles a multi-chambered tube of steel, titanium, and oil-based polymers. Protective tarps have been draped around the relic, but an array of thrusters can be seen on the tube’s back end. The Regency collects their prize, and departs — thanking the locals politely for their time and understanding for the inconvenience.

Gryff still has the PCs check out his Satellite, which has indeed been hacked, but not by the Regency. Shaun makes some adjustments to it, and all parties consider the deal to be done.

Leaving Gryff’s Moon and the region around it, they hope to get the hell out of the Wildlands as quickly as possible. They set a course for the Harbinger Gate, the closest Gateway to their current position. It does not take them too long using a series of controlled H-Space jumps.

Harbinger Gate is surrounded by a community of barely stable space stations and flotillas of old starships all clustered together. Shaun takes some time to make contact with a local known to buy weapons and armor, an old Clanner named Toady. Shaun unloads all the Alliance gear that he can, keeping some money available, and bartering a bit for some working power cells before returning.

They pass through the Harbinger Gate and arrive at Nexus Gate, where they start attempting to reach assorted contacts. Reeva finds a buyer for the Ogre and some of its components, getting everyone a fair payday for their time. Now, however, is the question of what to do and where to go…

Ryan seems to advocate making contact with the Greyjackets.
Shaun wants to head back to the “safety” of Coalition Space, specifically the old industrial sprawl on Rakhan Prime. Otto seems to agree.
Gabriel doesn’t seem to care where he goes; indeed, he seems thoroughly non-plussed by everyone’s recently shared ordeal.
Reeva doesn’t have a preference either, but offers to sell them a ride wherever they opt to go…

...Just Like Hitting a Cat With a Stick
Escape pods land on a desolate moon occupied by some trigger happy people and a very odd cat

After four days in space, the pods crash land on what seems to be a terraformed moon orbiting a hazy purple-brown gas giant. A lone fighter craft is seen flying from the moon’s far side only to disappear into the planet’s gaseous mass. The landing is rough, but manageable.

Bioscans indicate that the air is breathable, but slightly toxic – prolonged exposure could lead to complications. They decide to brave it, with rebreathers and the hope they’ll find a way back to civilization within weeks, and set off to find help. After stripping supplies from their pods, they first decide to recover the security robots (and confirm that Mookie is, indeed, quite dead) from their pod, which landed in a large pond.

Gabriel opens the pod doors, but Robot Unit One has remained active. Since Gabriel is still wearing Alliance Combat Armor, it attacks the Soldat with it’s Powerstaff. Reeva shouts an order for the unit to stand down, and it complies. They recover three of the four security units, using parts from the heavily damaged forth one to make repairs to the others.

Reeva decides that instead of number designations, the robots should have names — Unit One is named “Xavier”; Unit Two is named “Eduardo”; Unit Three is given the name of “Antonio”.

With the robots acting as body guards, the PCs begin following the path of a detectable underground water flow. The land itself is mostly dry scrub, with uneven rocky hills and patches of “forest” that are little more than sprawling masses of thickets and spindly, gnarled trees. What seems most incongruous, however, is a large house cat lapping at a small water pool.

Otto smacks the cat with a baton… others rally to try and keep the cat from harm. Dazed and shaken, the cat suffered a small cut, but was otherwise fine. They realize that if a house cat is here, then there must be some sort of civilization nearby. Ryan is pretty sure that they are somewhere in the wild spaces of the Freespace, likely in some warlord’s territory. He adds that Greyjackets sometimes hide out or pass through these areas, and always offer some sort of gift to the local warlord when they do. Reeva confirms that traders in some of the merchant clans do much the same thing.

Otto makes a sign stating “FOR YOU!” and puts it around Antionio’s neck. Two more signs reading “FOR SALE!” are placed around the necks of Eduardo and Xavier.

Irregularities in the terrain reveal was appears to be an access point leading to an underground complex. The passage is blocked by an energy field, though there is a comm panel set adjacent to it. Armed men appear on the other side of the field, but do not respond to the party until Reeva speaks to them in Ranti. They lower the barrier, but things are obviously tense. When neither Shaun nor Ryan comply and drop their weapons, they are restrained by “stickyballs” fired at them by the locals.

Negotiations ensue as they are brought to see Gryff, the local Warlord. Gryff is a massive man over seven feet tall and easily six hundred pounds. He holds a cigar in his clawed hands and sports a good deal of obvious cybernetic augmentation. Gabriel attempts to speak for the party, but the negotiations spiral into the toilet when threats begin being tossed about. It seems that Gryff recognized that Ryan could command a fair price from the Alliance authorities and is hesitant to give that up, especially when confronted with surly and rude interlopers.

Shaun intervenes and wrests control of the negotiations. Once some semblance of sense is restored, the Security Robots are “traded” to Gryff in return for 3000cr and things calm down. Gryff agrees to let Otto use his comm system to make a call to an ally of his in the hope of arranging a ride. Unfortunately, she is several days away, even rushing to arrive.

Gryff offers another alternative — He’ll give them a ship, provided they blow up the fighter craft poking around inside the gas giant. Gryff admits that none of his men are skilled enough pilots to fly through the planet’s atmosphere. Once the task is complete, they’ll be free to go, ship and all. Shaun is hesitant to take the deal, but everyone else outvotes him.


Mookie's Rise and Fall
Fighting their way off a doomed ship by way of some escape pods and a little stolen loot along the way

A Gunfight erupted in the pitch black cell block, the panicked “marines” attempting to gun down any escaped prisoner who approached the exit.

A series of physical assaults and some well placed gun fire allowed the PCs to secure the cell block with only two (mook) casualties on their side and no other significant injuries. Much of the gear was taken; notably generic, it seemed less and less likely these soldiers were part of a regualar Alliance force.

Jury rigging a power cell to the dead door panel allowed the PCs to enter into yet another gun fight. A pair of Alliance fleet security officers loosed suppressive fire at the open door way, but were quickly taken out.

The PCs moved rapidly to secure the Cell Block control room, and moved from there to intervene in a battle between the Alliance soldiers and the outside assault force – pirates from the Coleson clan.

Ranged fighters such as Gabriel and Mookie Von Mookenstein gunned down everyone in a short series of rapid fire assaults while Shaun made contact with Sentinel. Ryan commented that Sentinel is an advanced AI used exclusively on the Alliance’s HYPERION-CLASS Command Carriers. Sentinal confirmed that he is an AI, but maintained that his deal was still a true one and that he’s partially locked out of the ship’s controls.

PCs abort their attempts to strip the cell-block command console down for parts when they realized at least two more fireteams of soldiers were headed their way. Instead, they made directly for the lift down to Engineering Control.

The Engineering deck was as much a facility for engine control as it was a cargo bay. A massive security robot came online when the PCs entered the area, but it was under Sentinel’s control. Four crates – three of which contained additional robots – were stacked in the cargo bay. [Paperclip MacGuyver] decided the robots should be taken with them, so Ryan stole a lifter truck and loaded them onto it.

Shaun downloaded Sentinel’s files from the Engineering console – most of it was encrypted, but he did note several file headers referring to the Nebula Queen project.

The party raced back to the main deck to get to the escape pods before other assault forces arrive. Using codes provided by Sentinel, the Pods are enabled and a flight-plan loaded into them. However, a second before launch, the sequences were suddenly aborted. Shaun managed to re-enable his and Otto’s pod to reinitialize and launch, while Ryan simple took manual control over the pod occupied by him and Gabriel. Unfortunately, the last two pods – one containing [Paperclip Macguyver] and Mookie Von Mookenstein and the other holding the crated robots (plus one, uncrated one) – were locked down.

[Paperclip Macguyver] had a plan to use a small charge to release the pods, and Mookie attempted to buy him some time as two fire-teams of the Coleson assault forces approached. Mookie was gunned down in the firefight, and [Paperclip MacGuyver] reactivated the un-crated robot to grab Mookie’s unconscious (dead, actually) body and pull him back into an escape pod.

[Paperclip MacGuyver] leapt into the empty pod and triggered the charges. The action released the last two escape pods, which blew free of the heavily damaged ship.

In Transit
On an Alliance ship en route to penal colony X-107

Player characters awaken on a prison ship en route to a penal colony, which no clear knowledge of how they got there.

Shaun and Ryan get surreptitious messages warning them of an outside party which may attack the ship.

Shaun attempts to hack the control panels for his cell and makes contact with a person called Sentinel, who also seems to be hacking the ship systems. Sentinel warns that the ship is not what it seems, and claims to be under some kind on inhibitor system. He also warns that the ship should be coming under attack soon, and if he and Shaun work together, then each can get off the ship during the ensuing chaos. When ask how he knows this, Sentinel explains that he intercepted communications. Sentinel wants Shaun to download some information from one of the major computer access points either at the Bridge or main engineering control. In return, Sentinel can offer Escape Pod control access codes.

A man in another cell builds a strange device with some paper-clips, duct tape, thread, and a rubber band. One man in his cell is freaking out at the guards. Two other men in their own cells appear to be sleeping.

Otto and Gabriel are in the far cells, and unlike the others, have been fitted with inhibitor collars which they keep trying to break — resulting in pain and unconsciousness.

Shaun uses distractions to cover his access to the system and gains control over camera and communication controls and assorted information data. Additional hacking grants him access to the inhibitor collar controls in the far cells.

Paperclip Drill Guy begins doing something…

Shaun uses the Comm system and speaks to various people in the cells — Paperclip Drill Guy it turns out has a plan to turn off the energy fields of the cell walls.

The ship is under attack… Chaos ensues… Paperclip Drill Guy shorts out the power to the cell block as Shaun turns off Otto and Gabriel’s inhibitor collars. Jail break begins.

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