Chatty Mutant who owns a small repair station in the Freespace


“Waddler” (WC)

Race: Mutant (Unstable)
Gender: Male
Born: Harlinn’s World
Employment: Owns a small space station fixed at planet Dust’s L4 Lagrange Point.

Attributes: Agility d4, Smarts d10, Spirit d8, Strength d6, Vigor d6

Secondary Characteristics:
  • Charisma: +0
  • Pace: 4+1d3”
  • Parry: 4+ (Mark II Heavy Deflector)
  • Toughness: 9 (Base 5, Bloated 1, Armor 3)

AB: Mutation!, Continuing Mutations!, Mechanical Genious (McGyver), Connections (Mutant/Scavenger Communities)

Obvious Mutant (m), Big Mouth (m), Curious (M)

Electronics d10, Fighting d4, Knowledge (Engineering) d10, Knowledge (Places to Scrounge Gear) d8, Languages (Standard, IO, Ranti), Lockpicking d8, Notice d10, Repair d10, Persuasion d6, Pilot d4, Shooting (Small Arms) d4, Streetwise d6, Zero-G Maneuvering d4

  • Extra Limb (Third Arm; Gains an additional Non-Movement Action with no Multiaction Penalty)
  • Canny (+1 Smarts Die)
  • Rad Adapted (Immune to Radiation Effects)
  • Energy Absorbtion (+4 Armor versus Energy Effects)
  • Super Nimble Fingers (+2 to Skill Rolls involving Fine Manipulation)
  • Lowlight Vision
  • Eagle-eyed (+4 to Notice rolls, Sight Only)
  • Bloated (Obese Hindrance)
  • Slow (-1 Pace, Die type Reduced)
  • Toolkit (+2 To Repair/Electrionics/Lockpicking Skills)
  • Completely Outfitted Workshop (Exceptional Facilities with Appropriate Bonuses)
  • A Small Space Station
  • Ragnarok Arms “Striker” Heavy Autopistol
  • Reinforced Space Suit (Armor +3)
  • Mark II Heavy Deflector
  • A few small and medium sized starships in assorted states of disrepair

“Waddler” owns a small space station at Dust’s L4 Lagrange Point at which he lives with a few friends and offers a variety of mechanical services.


FUTURE PERFECT: Identity Function nevereverend