Dayshaun "Shaun" Uday

Computer Hacker, Precognative, Genetic Failure, and Information Seeker.


Name: Dayshaun “Shaun” Uday (Gene Template: Augment)


Strength: d4
Vigor: d6
Agility : d6
Smarts: d10 (Augment)
Spirit: d8

Bio-Threshold: 7
Parry: 2
Pace: 1d6+6
Charisma: +2
Toughness: 5


  • Bio-Enhancement Reliance (Major) (Augment) -1 Benny per session.
  • Squeamish (Minor) (Augment) Uneasy around Horror/Gore/Extreme Violence.
  • Hunted/Wanted (Major)Unknown Person/Group wants to capture Shaun.
  • Paranoid/Delusional (Minor) Kind of sketchy, not very trusting. Thinks he sees things/people.
  • Cautious (Minor) Hates to go into any situation without lots of information or at least a good plan. Also hates to put himself in physical danger, but will do so if he has no other choice.

Turning Points

  1. Made contacts in the hacker world +7 contact points +1 Rep in Sub-nets -1 Rep Alliance computer security community
  2. Owed big by Neurosec Tech Big Favor (turned in for starting augmentations/gear)
  3. Pulled a heist for a local gang Hacking skill granted impossibly good results +1 Rep with Blackwatch Gate gang.


  • Bioattunement (Augment)
  • Charismatic – +2 Social interaction
  • Lucky/Great Luck – +2 Bennys (Minor precognative ability)
  • Common Bond – Can spend bennys on other Wild Cards
  • Connections – Hackers/Cybercriminals
  • Investigator – +2 to Investigation and Streetwise as well as Hacking or Notice to gather data
  • Jack of all Trades (Human Encyclopedia)- All untrained smarts skills are rolled as 1d4 not 1d4-2 like all other untrained skills

Skills (Criminal cultural template)

Persuasion: d10
Hacking: d10
Investigation: d12
Notice: d8
Streetwise: d8
Repair: d6
Shooting: d4
Stealth: d4
Knowledge (Programming): d4
Knowledge (Area, Blackwatch Gate Station): d4
Language: Imperial Standard
Language: I/O


Eidetic Memory 0 (Augment)
Certified Neurostorage Systems 1
I-Plugs 2
Equilibrium Response Mechanisms 3


  • +1 Rep: Sub-nets
  • +1 Rep: Coalition Computer Security Community
  • +1 Rep: Blackwatch Gate Gang
  • +1 Rep: Warlord Gryff of Planet Gryff
  • -1 Rep: Alliance Computer Security Community
  • -1 Rep: Prometheus Innovations
  • -1 Rep: Securitech


“The Collector”* (8) (Mentor and close friend)
Availability: + 2
Capability d10/+ 4 (Hacker, Information)
Influence: + 1 (Hacker Networks)

“M.R. Stitch”* (5) (Doctor and Drug Dealer)
Availability: + 1
Capability: d8/+ 3 (Medical, Pharmaceuticals)
Influence: + 0

Gregg “Watchdog” Murphy* (4) (Security specialist and Gate Captain)
Availability: + 1
Capability: d6/+ 2 (Security)
Influence: + 1 (Gate Security)

“SteelFalcon” (4) (Hacker and Cybercriminal in Regency space)
Availability: + 0
Capability: d10/+ 4 (Hacker)
Influence: + 0

  • Prefers to be called Shaun.
  • Failed Bigbrain.
  • Hacker Handle: Whisper
  • Has discovered he may be “The Collector” or at least part of that entity.

Shaun was born to two desperate people who sunk all their hopes and dreams into a child they hoped would take them from the misery of the fractured urban sprawls. When Mrs. Uday was finally pregnant she and her husband sought genetic manipulation with the entirety of their life savings.

Shaun was supposed to be born a Big Brain, a living human computer with incredible intellect. What his parents had thought was that Shaun would thrive in the hostile environment and learn to work under intense pressure. Coupled with a genius IQ and lightning fast thought process he could easily earn a job working for a military or corporate organization and take his family with him.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, Shaun was already on the verge of a change of his own, he was supposed to be a gifted mind with the ability to sense the future. What occurred was forced genetic manipulation butting heads with human evolution. Shawn was born stunted for a Big Brain and his parents lacked the funds to repair the problem. So Shaun was stunted in both his possibilities, he was not a complete Big Brain, neither was he a complete Precognative.

Shaun’s parents thought they might still be able to salvage their investment and spent long years trying to nurture Shaun’s intellect. The frustrating thing though, was that Shaun seemed to be afflicted with hallucinations and false recollections in his what should be perfect memory. Shaun was remembering things in some detail, that hadn’t yet happened. Once his parents noticed that their son was not hallucinating or having problems remembering, but was vaguely telling of things to come, they saw another opportunity. Shaun was taken to the spaceport and off to a research facility he went.

Shaun spent months undergoing tests and genetic tampering. Over time Shaun’s dreams told of a way to escape the facility. Long nights and frightening dreams were pieced together to show him of a way he would soon escape. The events in this facility, the mental probing and physical testing were things his perfect memory could not forget. He was not the only one there being dissected and taken apart and put back together, he could hear the distraught and agonizing sounds of his fellow test subjects. Also, things he could not forget. When the opportunity played itself out Shaun took his place and escaped as he had seen.

Going back home was not what he thought it would be. His family had vanished and there was no trace of their existence. No home existed and nobody remembered their names or faces. Shaun was alone with a thought that he may have imagined a family entirely, as it seemed many of his memories and thoughts were visions of things untrue or not yet real. Shaun fled the planet in favor of a space station where he could hide away from people, and away from himself, in the void of space. (Maybe Shaun never had parents at all. He may have fabricated these “memories” from the things clones of him or siblings of his knew. Maybe Shaun is an experiment on a strain of Human DNA with a Psi potential and this version, when coupled with forced gene manipulation, came out a failure. Maybe there are several Pregognative clones or siblings that were made successfully and they are being used at present. Then again, maybe that’s crazy talk or delusions)

As an adolescent Shaun turned his intellect to teaching himself about the computer controlled world around him. He even made friends with a Medical Droid who he programmed to bring him food, medicine and drugs to keep his hallucinations and delusions under control. Shaun sought the social outlet of Sub-net communication with other like minded people. Shaun taught himself about the world around him, using the security systems and databases to observe people and learn about the ways of the world. Shaun caught the attention of a “ghost” or a legend of net space, “The Collector”, who helped guide Shaun in his advancement.

Once Shaun got too far into the security networks of the Gate station, he drew the attention of “Watchdog”. Gregg Murphy took pity on this kid, who didn’t seem to be hurting anything and basically left him to be. Occasionally Gregg would bring food and clothing to the kid, and would warn him and shelter him from routine security sweeps, helping him remain unnoticed.

Shaun made his way on the periphery of society, learning their ways and how to exploit them. He made his living skimming what would go unmissed. Shaun did the same with the net space, gathering anything that could be useful, which got him into the predicament he is in today.

Shaun had found a piece of a program or some information that he began to, or it began to download into his brain storage space. Once inside, the information locked itself away and could not be accessed. Shaun began to fall ill, as his brain seemed to be turning against him. Shaun went back to the company who sold him the “guarantied” storage unit and even they could not explain the unusual circumstanced, and promptly paid Shaun off and threw him away, with only his perfect recall to piece back together what had just occurred, as they tried to wipe his memories and cover this up.

As usual, Shaun picked up the parts of his life and made his way back into the world. Now with more resolve to become a part of the world he had watched from afar in hopes of discovering how it is that it impacted him and changed his life. Also he had to get away from the hallucinations that again seemed to plague him of more people coming after him, again, and what for this time?

Dayshaun "Shaun" Uday

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