Cole Turner

Alliance FDS Officer, A Bounty Hunter With A Badge


NAME: Cole “Juice” Turner
Gender: Male
Gene Template: Augment
Cultural Template: Corporate


  • Agility d8
  • Smarts d10 (Cognitive Augment)
  • Spirit d6
  • Strength d6
  • Vigor d6

Biothreshold: 7(2)
Charisma: 0
Pace: 6"
Parry: 6
Toughness: 5


  • Bioattunement
  • Authority (Alliance Territory)
  • Investigator
Bio-Enhancement Reliance (Major) (Augment): -1 Benny per session.
Quirk (Minor) (Augment): Corrects incorrect facts or exaggerations, except his own.
Code of Honor (Major)
Loyal (Minor)
Vow (Minor): Law Enforcement

Driving: d4, Fighting: d8, Investigation: d8, Knowledge (Criminal Underworld): d6, Knowledge (Corporations): d4, Notice: d8, Persuasion: d6, Piloting: d6, Shooting: d6, Stealth d6, Streetwise: d8, Survival: d4, Language: Imperial Standard (Native)

Eidetic Memory (Augment) [AV0]
IPlugs [AV2]


  • Knocker (1d6+1d4+2, Con P)
  • Stun Sword (Stun, No Range, +1 to Fighting Rolls, Con P)
  • Twilight Gunworks, Hunter Blaster Pistol (3d6 AP2, 15/30/60, RoF1, 30 Shots, High Quality, Str Min d6, Con J)
  • Armored Clothing (Heavy Biopolymer, Armor +3)
  • MKII Defensive Screen: [-2 to Be Hit; +2 Armor vs AoE; 2 Power per Round being used]
  • (1) Standard Light Power Cell (In addition to ones being used by other gear)
  • Optical System with Data projection and SysNet feed access


  • (4) Amalia Jackson [Ex-Girlfriend, Corporate Contact]: Availability 0; Capability d8/3 (Corporate Records); Influence +1 (Alliance Corporations)
  • (3) Skootz O’Schnizzle [Street Informant, Alliance Territories]: Availability 0; Capability d6/2 (Information); Influence +1 (Fringe Culture)


  1. Enemy: Girlfriend from before joining the Military. Picked on her for her choice to remain in the corporate culture. She stopped speaking to me.
  2. So much action, so little time: Realized I made quite a few “mistakes” while in the military. Learned the value of loyalty and made amends with my ex when I got out of the military. Gained her as a contact.
  3. Rival: Service Provider/Underling; Targeted/Antagonistic. Is Backed by a Large Corporation and holds good influence with them.

Alliance [+1]


Cole was born to a semi-affluent corporate family on Matterhorn Station in the Alliance. He was augmented at the age of 2 to enhance his memory. Cole took to the augments very well as he aged, but not to his studies. Cole was always more interested in physical activities, even though he was clearly designed for more cerebral work. Using his eidetic memory, Cole was able to put as little effort as possible into his pre-University school years.

Cole had a desire for something different, something adventurous. He joined the Alliance Military when he became old enough. While his parents supported him, he knew they didn’t approve. But he didn’t care. He joined the Infantry, tried his hand as a “Cloudjumper” HaLo jumptrooper, and finally as forward operator for the special forces. He had a lot of fun during his time there, but he never quite fit in. He was clearly the smartest guy in every squad, which earned him the nick-name “Juice” (for Brain Juice), and his supervisors kept trying to nudge him into positions that didn’t require physical aptitude. This never dissuaded Cole, but eventually his common sense won out.

Cole wanted to branch out, and plan a little more for the future. He knew the military wasn’t where he wanted to be, so he was drawn to a profession in which he could utilize his cognitive processing, and still maintain an edge of excitement. Using his background in the military, Cole was able to secure a position with the Fugitive Detection Service and became a bounty hunter with a badge.

Once in training for his new position, Cole immediately knew this career would change his perception of the world he lived in. He couldn’t fully prepare himself for understanding the type of people he would routinely encounter. Dealing with criminals, back alley deals, and down-right messed up people, it was trial by fire.

He’s slowly gotten the hang of it, and dodged a few close calls with being on the wrong end of a gun, but not much feels better than tracking down and capturing people that barely deserve the skin they wear.

Cole Turner

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