FUTURE PERFECT: Identity Function

Much Ado About Gremlins

Kraffenburg offers a trade for information, Tigh offers a trade for services rendered, Otto gets hopped up on cyberware, and Shaun has words with everyone...

Otto leaves the planet for Nexus Gate after asking Caleb for a good place to get cyberware installed. Otto has decided that he needs a boost if he’s going to have to keep watching his own back and continue to face the threats he’s been facing lately.

On Nexus Gate Otto runs into Angel who had followed shortly after Otto left because Deefor approached her with his things. Deefor had just gone back to the apartment to get some things before going, but Otto and Shaun had left, so he hitched a ride with Angel. Deefor explains he went to go check on the meatbags back at the apartment and then came back to follow up with us.

Otto takes Angel and Deefor to the New View New U clinic where Caleb had told him he could get some good quality augmentations. Once inside the heavily cosmetically altered receptionist flirts with Otto as she is most likely paid to do with customers. She asks what kind of alterations Otto would like.

Otto tries to be discreet about wanting combat modifications, by saying he would like something to make him stronger and more resilient. She misunderstands thinking he would like something to increase his physique and stamina, and offers cosmetic packages meant for looks not function. Otto expresses a desire to have an augmentation that doesn’t just look good, but also functions well. The girl opens a book of body and genital pictures, asking Otto to pick his type and swears by their functionality. Angel laughs at Otto and begins to point out different models he might like. He gets frustrated and says he is not there for penis enlargement and Angel asks why not, he could use some thickness and girth.

Otto makes himself clear. He would like a nano-augmentation to his muscles, making him physically stronger. He would like something to make him more resistant to physical damages. He also mentions that Caleb insisted this was the best place to go for such a thing. She changes her tone and gets more professional and less friendly. She offers a package at reduced cost, that contains dual augmentations, one for muscle one for healing ability. She says that Otto must complete this stage of the augmentation first before she can treat him with a third augmentation that will toughen his bones and muscles with polymers.

Otto is given the first series of shots which are a thick nano-tech filled liquid that injected in several spots in the body and burns like hell and leaves him feeling very weak and tired. The nano-tech is already working on his body and needs special nutrients and building blocks to complete the augmentation. Otto is given instructions and special nutrient powders he must take for the next few days or weeks until things are complete.

Angel and Otto leave the shop with Deefor and they head back to the wharf. Otto tells Shaun he found Deefor and that he shouldn’t worry so much. Deefor goes about his business doing whatever he wants and ignoring Shaun, while Otto and Angel go into a back room most likely to play some more naked twister or something. No, this time it’s naked operation considering Otto just had minor surgery.

Shaun spends more time, spinning his wheels on what exactly they are going to do on Harlinn’s world. How can he assist in the takedown of the government the way Kraffenburg was going to, considering he most likely won’t be able to produce Ryan or anything useful, since nothing is turning up.

Otto relaxes while recovering from some new augmentations and some new wounds received on New Harmony. Angel repays Otto’s gesture of getting her out of harm’s way, by helping “nurse him back to health”. And as always Shaun is left doing research, being paranoid, trying to find the truth while still not having a real plan.

Shaun gets to thinking. The goal at hand is to overthrow the government on Harlinn’s World, Zone 1. They left three “obstacles” in the way. Gary3 turned out to be one of their strong arms, Kraffenburg turned out to be a man who could cause revolution and get the people to revolt against the government, and the hippie, Shaun still thinks was just his drug dealer, but he may have been more.

If Gabriel planned a straightforward assault and Gary3 had a small army of people, all he would need is for a way to exploit the military, a way to get them to stand down while they did some damage. Kraffenburg would have to have already done some political damage to the standing ProVee making it look like The Syndicate coming in and taking charge would have been less of a take over and more of a change of the guard and settling public unrest.

Shaun thinks all he has to do is dig up some dirt on the ProVee and exploit that, and find a high ranking military officer willing to defect to The Syndicate and order the troops to stand down when we give the order.

Kraffenburg gets back to Shaun as to what else he might want as payment for what work he already did, if they cannot produce Williams and keep him on board. Kraffenburg gives and address to a vehicle storehouse on Harlinn’s World, as well as an ID number of a small Gremlin class shuttle craft. He wants Shaun to acquire the craft and deliver it to a yet to be disclosed location. This will earn Shaun what information Kraffenburg had already compiled regarding what they were doing before in Zone 1, whatever that was, possibly overthrowing the government.

Shaun tries to probe Kraffenburg as to why he wants the Gremlin, but Kraffenburg is evasive. Shaun manages to get Kraffenburg to admit that what he wants with the craft has less to do with the craft itself and more to do with something else, which is none of Shaun’s concern.

Shaun finishes his negotiation with Kraffenburg and begins to dig up dirt on The General.

Digging into the background of The General, ProVee of Zone 1 Shaun finds that The General has a past in the Syndicate. The General had a long standing career in the Coalition military before he seemed to have a situation involving several blocks of territory within Otto’s stomping grounds on Rakkhan Prime. Apparently several blocks of territory were burned to the ground, leaving Otto looking weak in the face of such a strong action. Apparently someone was trying to discredit Otto and make his superiors look weak. There may be some kind of back-biting going on in the upper echelons of the Syndicate. The General seemed also to have quite a gambling problem, and maybe he was used for this task because he owed too many people in high places.

With the revelation of his involvement, The General was stripped of his position and rank in the military, but he seemed to have enough money and loyal soldiers to set up his own mercenary company the White Fist. The White Fist are dangerous and highly skilled. His men were trained in difficult military action and could handle most heavy threats with a calm and organization not seen by many mercenaries.

The General left his gambling debts behind with his military career and entered the mercenary world. Within a short time his company had several lucrative jobs under their belt and a reputation for being one of the best in the sector. The General took position as ProVee of Zone 1 Harlinn’s World and it appears he did so with his own finances and mercenaries as his police force. Rumor has it he may have even gotten the position by popular vote.

The General spends much of his time on NeoGenesis a space station not too far off Harlinn’s world, where he maintains a luxury hotel, casino and entertainment complex. He most likely feeds his addictions for gambling and the finer things in life within the confines of this complex, while funding it most likely off the over taxation and suffering of his people in Zone 1.

By this time, Tigh has gotten back with some great quality new identities for Shaun and Otto and offers a ride back to Harlinn’s world. He also offers his medical skill to help Otto recover from his recent augmentations faster. Tigh concocts a special diet for Otto to be on while the nanotechnology does it’s job of building a stronger Otto. Tigh says all he wants in return for this favor is for Otto to recover a shuttle craft from an impound lot on Harlinn’s world. He’s heard that someone was looking for it and he wants to investigate the matter. Shaun overhears the request and recognizes it as the same craft Kraffenburg asked for.

Shaun speaks with Tigh and begins to draw the conclusion that maybe there is some genetic code in the vehicle. Maybe blood or some other bodily remnant. Shaun suggests that they secure the Gremlin, allow Tigh to investigate the craft and do what it is he wants to it, then trade the craft to Kraffenburg in it’s altered state. After all Kraffenburg never stated the condition of the vehicle in his negotiation.

On the way to Harlinn’s World, Shaun makes another attempt to gain Tigh’s help and thereby the assistance of RIFU by explaining his situation. Tigh is still unmoved by a speculative story concerning old team mates, The Coil and assumptions of further attacks on gate stations. He suggests that Shaun and Otto try to retrieve the Gremlin first and maybe what Kraffenburg has to trade will reveal more of the puzzle.

On Harlinn’s world, Jorge has set up a new base of operation in Zone 4 at a hotel and he invites everyone to join. Tigh and his men set up shop in the hotel while Otto takes Deefor, Shaun and his two goons to go get this Gremlin.



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