FUTURE PERFECT: Identity Function

Charlie Goes From Bad To Wurst.

Charlie is revealed as a mole, Shaun meets with Kraffenburg, and folks head to New Harmony for some meetings...

After the meeting with Kraffenburg, Otto, Shaun and Gary3 head back to the apartment. Upon entering the apartment and seeing Charlie, Gary3 lets fly a blur of a palm strike at Charlie’s face. Otto tried to react to the situation, but Charlie is falling to the floor with a broken faceplate choking on his own blood. Once Charlie hits the floor there isn’t any life left in him. Gary3 steps over Charlie, cocks his head over his shoulder and casually mentions that Charlie is a spy for Stefan, as he grabs himself a sandwich out of the refrigerator.

A short inspection of Charlie reveals a wire and several recording devices containing segments of Otto and Shaun’s ramblings while they were high. So Charlie was indeed a spy, or at least keeping close tabs on the two.

Shaun reminds Otto that they already have one corpse in the house in Gabriel’s closet, they don’t need another. Between bites, with a full mouth, Gary3 mentions he knows a guy who will deal with the body. Gary3 wipes some of the food off his face, leaving Charlie’s blood from his hand on his face where he wiped the food. When Gary3 finishes eating he grabs Charlie and heads out the door, beckoning for Otto to follow.

Shaun stays behind to try to track down Ryan Williams and where he might be, beginning with contacting Gryff about Hakim “one eye” the warlord Ryan seems to know.

Outside, Otto and Gary, who is carrying a dead body openly, hijack a car. Otto mentions wanting transportation to conceal the body and make the trip faster, so Gary drops the corpse, and dons a pair of energy powered gauntlets called knockers.

Gary3 approaches a vehicle stopped at a traffic signal, punches in the door, tears the driver out and tosses them to the street with a crack as he waves Otto over with the corpse. Otto is beginning to realize why he likes soldats. They do not whine, they do not ask questions, they do not run away. Soldats do what they are told or feel they need to do without question and without pause, at least that’s Otto’s experience, and right now Gary3 seems to be on a mission.

Gary3 heads out of the sector they were in, The Colonel’s zone, and into the zone where Otto had bought his coat. This zone is far less orderly and much colder and darker. Gary3 is not as good a driver as he is a fighter and he ends up ignoring a few traffic rules and getting followed by the authorities. With a little concentration and careful driving, Gary3 shakes the tail and continues to his destination.

They arrive in the food packing district, where many of the local provisions are made and purchased. Gary3 stops around back of a meat packing plant. He gets out of the car and bangs on a large steel bay door. A ragged older man who coughs, smokes and has few teeth opens the door. This man is covered in blood and fat and speaks in a ragged voice. He seems to recognize Otto , mentioning Otto Murrin is a good name to know, a dangerous one indeed. Gary3 haggles on the price of the corpse, the man wanting to charge Gary3 a clean up fee, and Gary3 wanting to sell some grade A prime meat to a sausage maker. By throwing in Charlies’ gold chain, Gary3 and Otto net themselves 50CR and Gary3 insists on some fresh sausages.

Otto and Gary3 hang around the plant for a while and the man comes back out with some freshly made knackwursts. Gary3 eats one of the sausages raw, right on the spot, telling Otto that he has a little bit of everyone he killed inside of him. Otto remarks back, that he puts a little bit of himself in many of the people he kills, so they kind of have something in common.

While Otto waits for Gary to get his fresh sausages he makes a call to Angel because he can’t get the whole issue of Reeva’s revenge out of his head. He asks Angel if she can set up a meeting with her boss Arashi Sinclair who is knows to make serious trouble for pirates among other things. Since Sinclair has an equal dislike of The Syndicate as she does for the pirates, Otto’s best shot is having Angel broker the meeting. Angel gets to work on the situation and tells Otto she will get back to him when she has some word.

Shaun has turned up little to nothing on the whereabouts of Ryan Williams except that Hakim “one-eye”, the warlord Gryff suggested Williams was friendly with, is the type a bastard who would sell his own mother out to turn a buck. So unless Williams has something on Hakim or Hakim needs him, he would be sold out for hiding in his turf.

Continuing his search Shaun is getting further frustrated by a lack of solid leads on his former teammates and he is tired of being blocked at every angle by what appears to be his old team. It’s as if any efforts he would undertake to undo any of The Coil’s plans only result in self defeat. Shaun decides that the only way to get around his old teammates, who have apparently retained all of the resources that they all worked to obtain, is to change the game by introducing RIFU in a larger capacity.

Shaun thinks he needs some solid proof that Sasha is trying to shut down more gates, if he can prove that, then he can definitely interest RIFU in getting involved. Shaun speaks to Jorge on this idea and he thinks Shaun may have a good idea, because operating in this fashion will eliminate the former need to hide the funding for all their endeavors, while leaving their old teammates to continue to have to hide. Shaun is busy looking for proof of Sasha and her movements and he is still blocked at every angle, it’s as if someone is laughing at him. Jorge suggests that Shaun just lead RIFU to the situation and hope that his psychic instincts are correct concerning Sasha and The Coil.

Given his options, Shaun contacts Tigh and sets up a meeting so he can discuss the situation at hand. Shaun just hopes he has enough to offer RIFU to get them involved, because he’s tired of running and getting nowhere fast.

Sinclair gets back to Otto and sets a meeting for the next night on New Harmony Gate and Tigh has also set the meeting with Shaun, same time, same place.

Otto arrives back at the apartment and He and Shaun tell one another of their future meetings. Shaun remembers that Kraffenburg said he would get back to him within a short while. No sooner than he remembers this, that Kraffenburg contacts him with a meeting place and time.

Shaun has a short time before the meeting so he asks Deefor about Stitch. Deefor tells him Stitch has been operation for some time, he’s just working on the body, Stitch is upstairs with the corpse and has been trying to identify it. Shaun speaks to the head, partial torso and one arm of Stitch who is unable to properly ID the body without a network connection, but he can project an image of what the person did look like.

The image Stitch projects is identified by Jorge as Sasha, their former team mate. If Sasha is indeed plotting against us, she is doing so from beyond the grave, or as a clone, or maybe we only knew her clone and she was operating from elsewhere. After all, Sasha was Collective, they do freaky shit like that. Deefor finishes putting Stitch together with Shaun’s help, just before they all leave for the meeting.

Shaun, Otto and Deefor go to the meeting accompanied by Gary3 who has taken up the task of body guarding Otto. The meeting is to be held in a perverse sex bar where just about any sexual perversion is bought and sold.

When Shaun enters the bar he notices an advertisement with his face on it, accompanied by several donkeys and various women. When Otto asks Shaun what that’s about, the bartender says that Shaun is a bit of a celebrity here. The last time Shaun and Otto were here, Otto had Shaun film some sort of pay per view bestiality film that involved Shaun directing the women into acts with the donkeys and eventually getting involved in the mess himself. Shaun appeared very high in the movie and to make matters worse, his old team mates in The Coil had reaped the profits and are most likely using them against him right now.

The bartender tries to entice Shaun into an encore video to score some more cash and Shaun tries to laugh off the situation and then Otto humiliates Shaun while physically intimidating him. Otto suggests that he could force Shaun into one or more vulnerable positions whether he likes it or not and suggests that due to their lost memories he may have already done this many times, he just can’t recall; then he gestures to the advertisement as it it is proof. Shaun slouches into a low profile and looks around for Kraffenburg while trying not to be noticed, as Otto keeps up his jokes and humiliation.

Deefor complains about the device that had been put on him that restricts his choices and tracks his activity. He is trying to download a bootleg copy of Shaun’s sex tape but the governor will not allow it, so Otto disables the device. Shortly thereafter Otto and Gary3 are having a laugh at Shaun’s expense. They pass through the crowd past multiple stages where acts are being preformed. A large hog from one stage hops off and directs Otto and Shaun to a back room where private things occur.

The hog has several electronic implants for use in recording audio and video, as well as sysnet links to broadcast what it records. A voice comes from the hog and it is apparent that Kraffenburg has hijacked the pig through it’s cybernetic implants and sysnet feed. Kraffenburg explains that there is nothing else he wants from the two except the whereabouts of Ryan Williams. Shaun tries to give the information he has about Hakim “One-Eye” and Kraffenburg says he already knew that and it is becoming more apparent that Shaun simply cannot be much use to him regarding Williams. He refuses to do much more work on the previous plans they had in taking down the local government but he will allow Shaun one last chance to dig up anything on Williams that he can use. He will allow a third and final meeting in Zone 3, but will wait no longer than a week before he loses interest and will move on. Shaun has one week to dig up anything on Williams before Kraffenburg ceases to be a resource of any kind.

With that, the devices on the pig begin to blink and the pig lies down to sleep. Otto and company manage to leave yet another seedy bar just as it explodes into flames. This leaves Shaun to lie to The Colonel yet again about who blew up a building in his territory.

Shaun is growing increasingly frustrated as he just cannot seem to catch any good leads on what they were doing and why. He feels his old team really set he and Otto up big time and the one he thought was orchestrating it all, Sasha, may be dead. He feels like they are playing fall guy for all The Coil’s ill gained resources. Making matters worse he is beginning to think he and Otto may have assisted them in making this set up against themselves all possible. It seems any attempt to uncover the past just leads he and Otto deeper into trouble and costs them more of their limited and now dwindling personal resources. They are rapidly losing privileges, contacts, places to hide, not to mention money and safety. If they don’t get some answers or a new source of resource soon everything might come crumbling down around them.

All the while Otto doesn’t seem too worried. He going along with his plan as he thinks it was. He’s going to tear down the local government and put The Syndicate into power, and he’s going to get revenge on The Skyforgers. The how and the why don’t seem to be a concern of his. His only concern is having someone at his back who won’t bitch out and run like a pussy every time a weapon is pulled. He can’t get anything accomplished by hiding from problems and running away from a hidden or forgotten truth that might be a whole lot less scary than the monster in the shadows it appears to be. He’s tired of chasing his tail and he wants to take some drastic actions because he’s being played for a fool, no more planning, no more researching. Tonight he’s off to New Harmony Gate and there he’ll meet Sinclair and begin taking some actions.



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